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Growing your business

Is it time to take your small business to the next level?


Adding staff, opening new locations, developing new markets, introducing additional products or services and taking your business offshore can be a big job - one that requires new resources and capabilities and brings additional risks. 


Sometimes, growth is strategic and planned. At others, it happens organically. Either way, growth is expensive and you’ll need more money, whether it’s your own, the bank’s, that of an investor, friends or family. There’s other funding available you might not be aware of, too, for Research and Development, export development, business coaching and more. 


At OneTeam, we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses to scale, through all the excitement, challenges and complexities that growth brings. While we’re as enthusiastic about growth as our clients, our objectivity and experience mean we can bring a more measured and careful approach when it’s needed, along with helping you spot more opportunities for greater expansion when the time is right. 

Talk with us about

  • Whether it's the right time to grow your business

  • Ways to make sure you're working ON, not just IN your business

  • People issues - outsourcing and staffing

  • Bank covenants, guarantees and personal risks

  • Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping functions

  • Bank loans and other funding options to grow your business

  • How to avoid burnout

  • Family businesses - how they're different

  • Leading a growing small business

  • Updating your business plan

  • Business coaching and skill building

  • Managing tax in the good times

  • What to do with business profits

  • Getting through a cash crunch

Whether you’re ready to make the leap, or still working out the best way forward, we can help you plan, understand any new financial drivers that growth might bring, get ready to talk to the bank, flesh out the financial aspects of your business plan and more. 


Now’s the time you’ll be weighing up the costs and benefits of getting access to more business planning and financial expertise, more often. Sometimes, it makes sense to have those people in-house. At others, outsourcing enables you to get access to more experienced people who have supported other growing businesses before, and a broader set of skills. 


Once you’re ready to hit ‘go’ on your big plan, we can help out with regular monthly or quarterly reviews to track your progress, make sure you’re still on track, navigate any bumps in the road, and keep a close eye on your financials. We can get you into Xero, painlessly and seamlessly if you’re not there already, help you scale the processes, systems and resources you need to match the pace your business is growing at, and provide the day to day advice you need, fast and cost effectively.


Regular check-in sessions help you stay on track, understand your business better, spot problems early, and stay on top of any emerging tax issues. We can also help you make the most of the money you make and support you to make the right decision for you, about what to do with it. 


Above all, our monthly accounting subscription packages provide good foundations and a cost effective way to manage your compliance and end of year accounting costs. No more big bills for tax preparation and filing: with OneTeam, you pay as you go, all year round to spread the cost, give you certainty, and know it’s all taken care of.

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