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Managing change

Is it time for your business to change shape or size? 


All small businesses face critical moments where things don’t just go in a straight line, and it’s not uncommon for them to expand and contract a number of times over their lifetime. 


Sometimes, things that are outside of your control prompt a rethink about what you do, how you operate, how many people you have and how they are engaged, even what you produce and at what scale. 


Maybe it’s COVID or another crisis, economic pressures, competition, the impact of AI and automation, or the loss or gain of a big client or project. New legislation, unexpected opportunities, an offer out of the blue.

Sometimes, it’s personal - you’ve been at it for years, and you want more time, or all of your time to yourself. Or there’s illness in the family that is demanding more of your attention. 


Whatever the reason for change, OneTeam can help you through with expert advice, help you make a plan, and give you support along the way.

Talk with us about

  • How to handle unexpected business expansion

  • Mergers, acquisitions, other life and business changing opportunities

  • Restructuring a small business and consulting with staff

  • How to handle small business redundancies

  • Changing the way you work as a small business owner

  • Inhouse vs contract staff and other ways to lower costs

  • Funding and cash flow issues related to changing the size or shape of your business

  • Time management

  • Leading through small business change

  • Finance for a small business in trouble

  • Saving money in your small business

  • What to do if your business is losing money

  • Working with IRD in the hard times

As your business changes, your role changes, too. There may be more - or fewer - opportunities to delegate which can be challenging when you’ve done things the same way, year after year, or as long as you’ve been in business. 


Our business advisors are Chartered Accountants with many years of experience in helping small businesses - and their owners - to get through the hard times and get out the other side of them - often stronger than before.


We have worked with enough owners to know that small business is personal - and that brings emotional challenges, as well as professional and financial ones. 


Sometimes, all you need is another set of ears and eyes and to make sure you haven’t missed anything. At others, you’ll be exploring all the options and looking at a range of scenarios as the basis of consultation, and in time, to reshape your business for a different future.


And sometimes, change can even mean an ending. If that’s where you’re headed, we’re here to help you through that, too.


Whatever the outcome, OneTeam’s focus is on you as much as the numbers. We understand how hard it can be to let go of a dream - even if you’re moving on to a new one. 

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