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Setting up your small business

Are you ready to start your business? 


Our OneTeam advisors have helped thousands of people take those first exciting steps into the world with practical solutions and solid advice from small business accounting experts who have seen it all before. 

Our OneTeam Start Up solution gets you ready to go with a high level business plan, financial forecasts and cash flow projections, bookkeeping set-up and more, to get your new business off to the right start. You’ll also have access to an experienced Chartered Accountant who has helped thousands of new business owners through those critical first months and years and beyond.

Talk with us about

  • How to set up a company, structure your business and write a business plan

  • New business financing and cash flow

  • When and how your startup will make money

  • Using your redundancy payout to start a small business

  • Personal guarantees and debt

  • Buying a business or franchise

  • Shareholder/partnership agreements

  • How to track your company's progress

  • Business coaching

  • Hiring staff, contracts, what to pay staff and yourself

  • Setting up Xero - DIY or a small monthly OneTeam fee

  • How much tax to pay, when, and how

We’ll get your company set up, GST registered and up and running in Xero quickly and painlessly. Then, we’ll work with you and your team to help you make the most of your new accounting systems and processes and work closely with you to make sure there are no tax surprises and to help you ensure you’re focused on what matters in your business. 


Our OneTeam Start Up solution starts from $395 a month, and not only gets you set up with an accounting system, takes care fo the tax basics and GST, but gives you extra support with one of our partners to help you through the first year. We'll help you get on track and stay there with budgeting and benchmarking, monthly check-ins with your OneTeam advisor until the end of the first year.


Best of all, phone and email advice related to your day to day accounts and financials is free - we’re there for you when you need it - without another invoice to add to the pile at the end of the month.

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