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Why OneTeam?

OneTeam is all about small business, property and people - so we’re here for every facet of your financial life and our services are designed to support your business at every stage of its development. 


We’re new-world accountants who believe in making accounting as painless and relevant as possible. So you buy only what you need, when you need it and our focus is on having a friendly, unpretentious and personalised service.

The skills you’ll need from us will vary as your business grows and changes - from basic bookkeeping, setting up Xero, writing and tax compliance at some points, to strategic advice and future planning at others.

As your business evolves and the environment you are operating in does, too, we’re there to help you to make the most of the good times, deal with any issues and ensure the basics are always taken care of. 

If you need skills outside of our accounting services, we can put you in touch with our network of like minded professionals - lawyers, bankers and other financial specialists - people that get small businesses the way we do and who we trust will care for our clients as we do, too.

Regardless of what we're doing for you, some things remain the same:

Our service is truly personalised

You'll always have access to experienced, friendly partners, accountants and bookkeepers who get to know and really care about your business and you. No getting lost at the bottom of the client list of a big firm or being treated like a number.


We know how hard you work for your money

Cash flow is always king, so we help our clients spread the costs of compliance accounting, tax returns and other day-to-day services they might need for the year in easy monthly payments. There are no surprise big-bills and your books are always up to date. When you have an extra project or exciting new idea to explore we’ll estimate the costs upfront to give you peace of mind.


We're pragmatic

We’ve worked with thousands of small businesses over the years and we’re small business owners, too. So our solutions are real-world ones based on decades of experience.


We're all about empowerment

The rise of XERO and other cloud-based services have given owners and managers more visibility, control and understanding of their numbers than ever before. At OneTeam, we love to help small business owners unlock the mysteries buried in their books, whether it’s through a formal coaching or capability building programme or in our everyday work.


You'll always have our respect

Visiting an old-school accountant can feel like being summoned to the headmaster’s office. Not with us - at OneTeam, we know your hopes and dreams for your business are as unique as you are and that there are people behind the numbers.

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