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Testing your new business idea

Should I start a new business? 


Hundreds of kiwis have that thought every week - but only a small number ever get to the starting line.


Thinking about starting a small business can be exciting - and scary - where to start? How? Who can help? Does my idea even make sense?


OneTeam can provide the experience, advice and practical solutions to stand back with you and take an objective look at your business idea, map out a path to get you to the start line -  including advice on how to finance your new venture, whether it’s the bank, friends and family or other funding sources you’re thinking about.

Our advisors are Chartered Accountants who have walked alongside hundreds of business owners who are just starting out, and through every stage of their journey. They’re a set of safe hands in an often complicated world and experienced enough to help you decide if, or when, it’s safe to start your own small business. 


And when you’re ready to hit the ‘go’ button - we can help with that, too. 

Talk with us about

  • New business financing and cash flow

  • A business plan to take to the bank

  • Personal guarantees and debt

  • How to structure your small business startup

  • Buying a business or franchise

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