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Getting the most from your Accountant by fixing your fees

Updated: May 20, 2021

Accounting compliance costs can eat away at your budget, but there are new ways to keep the costs down and cap your fees.

You will be aware that accountants can prepare accounts and tax returns –this is the compliance side of our business and is what many people think accountants do, but the reality is, we can offer you so much more than this.

At OneTeam, we’re always working hard to make it easier, faster and give clients better value for their money. New technology makes it easier than ever for us to improve the value of our services. Software such as XERO or MYOB enable us and you to get the basics sorted easily, and mean we can offer a single fixed monthly fee so:

  • You have price certainty.

  • You don’t get a bill every time that you consult with us.

  • You get access to all levels of assistance from partner to processor.

  • You get a plan designed for your specific needs.

  • You get help when you need it!

And with the money you save, you can get the deeper and more complex thinking your accountant can offer, helping you manage your risks and drive your business forward.

Did you know that in addition to preparing annual accounts and tax returns we can do the following?

  • Prepare Budgets and Cash Flows.

  • Prepare Rolling Financial Forecasts for your Business.

  • Benchmark your business and show you where you can improve your profits.

  • Review the integrity of your financial information system to ensure that the financial information that you see each month can be relied upon.

  • Re–structure your debt to ensure that you are getting the maximum interest deductions.

  • Assist you with re–financing debts – the covid Business Finance Guarantee Scheme is closing 30 June 2021.

  • Assist with buying or selling a business.

  • Value your business and put in place with you a plan to maximise the value when you do sell.

  • Analyse your revenues and margins and finding ways to improve both. This can be completed in conjunction with benchmarking.

  • Recommend and assist with the implementation of better methods of managing your debtors and improving cash flow.

  • Plan your tax payments and restructure your business to minimise your tax.

  • Prepare with you a Business Plan and coach you to achieve that plan.

  • Attend Directors Meetings and really get involved.

All these services are now available as part of a Fixed Price Plan.

Pricing matrix Package

These are our standard fixed price plans – but for most clients we design a Fixed Price Package to meet their specific requirements.

We may be able to get government funding to assist you with the fees.

If you are already on a fixed price plan – and want to upgrade the level of assistance – please let us know.

If you need help to analyse your business or you would like to purchase any of the services listed above, give us a call or send an email.


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