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Xero: Tips, Tricks, and Developments

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

We love using smart systems and XERO has some very easy to use functions that will save you time and improve the accuracy of your accounting work.

Here are some of our favourite functions, if you want to learn more click here and I will register you for our next TIPS and TRICKS with XERO webinar.

What's new and what's great about XERO?



Coding the Supplier Invoices that arrive on my desk is wasted time, instead I can use Hubdoc. Hubdoc is free with most XERO subscriptions and will do the data entry for you.

Hubdoc reads key information from bills and receipts and turns it into usable data. Supplier names, amounts, invoice numbers and due dates are extracted by Hubdoc and used to create draft transactions in Xero.

This is then transferred into XERO where the original document is attached to the transaction so you do not have copy or scan your documents.

It is very simple to setup Hubdoc and will save you time coding and collecting documents. You can even load the Hubdoc App on your phone to capture data on the go!!



Bank Rules help to make the coding of bank transactions quicker for you.

Xero applies Bank Rules to bank statement lines according to conditions / rules that you've set. A rule may be simple, with only one or two conditions, or complex, with multiple conditions that evaluate several pieces of information.

These are easy to set up and may save you hours each week.



Xero has improved the NEW Reports.

Check on the Left Hand Side of your Profit and Loss NEW

The > will give you many more options to display the information that you want to see.



If you want to see how to load budgets and forecasts go to:


You can set up:

An Overall Budget

A New Budget

A Copy Or Variation of a New Budget


If you would like help setting up any of these features or training, you can find me at OneTeam.

Click here if you would like an invite to our TIPS and TRICKS with XERO webinar.


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