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Make Your Property Profitable

Free Yourself From Stress

Managing property finances - whether for rentals, airbnb, or development - can cost you a great deal of time and mental energy. There’s more to it than just managing the costs and income that property generates. As you’ll know, there are some fairly complex financials around making a property profitable, and these can be tricky to navigate, so we’re here to help.


We take these financial headaches out of your day by being supportive, experienced and efficient accountants that work hard to make sure you don’t have to.

Rental Properties and Airbnb

Here at OneTeam, we are here to help you grow your nest egg! With our accountants, you get a team member who will help you to grow your property portfolio, or make it as profitable as it can be. All of our support, services, and advice are rolled into one fixed monthly fee, making it easy to keep track of your cash flow.

Property Development

We know that development properties are a different ballgame to rentals and airbnb. You can be vulnerable to tax traps, or experience complications and uncertainty around dealing with the council, capital gains tax, GST, and the bright-line rule. 


When you’re dealing in property development, you’ve made a big investment, and we’re here to help you make sure it pays off. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of property development, giving you peace of mind as well as ensuring that you aren’t paying more than you need to.


The number one rule is to always check with your accountant before you sign anything!

Check out the services we offer for property accounting:

We do all of the usual stuff:

  • Tax Returns
    When that time of year rolls around, we have experts in tax returns ready to assist. We are experienced in both personal and company returns so you can keep things simple under one cost.
  • GST Returns
    GST returns are a recurring business finance that just gets in the way and takes up time. At OneTeam, we take this task off your mind, completing it expertly and on time.
  • Bi-Monthly Performance Reports
    We make sure you always know exactly where you stand in regards to your business’ financial growth. With our bi-monthly performance reports, nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Annual Financial Statements
    Track your business’ progress by using our comprehensive financial statements. We provide these annually and will help to interpret them if needed.

But we’ll go beyond the usual:

Property Management Software Integrations and Training

As proud Xero partners, we’ll help you make the switch to Xero, and make sure you know how to use this software. However, when it comes to property, there are a number of other helpful tools and software options available. These integrate with Xero, making your overview of your property financials easy to see at a glance. 


If you have a large portfolio, it can be tricky to keep track of all your properties and assets, but we’re here to help! At OneTeam, we can recommend software, tips, and tricks to keep everything running smoothly in an organised manner.


We’ll advise you on the right software for your needs, in order to take away the headaches about details like tenants paying rent, organising maintenance, and so on, so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Avoid Tax Traps

While we can help with both your personal and property tax returns, we can also help you avoid the myriad of tax traps associated with investment properties. We’ll help you navigate dealings and compliance with the council, GST, capital gains tax, and more.

Easily Adjust Your Plan

Things change and hey, that’s okay. If you acquire more properties or sell some off, you can adjust your OneTeam accounting package to suit your needs as they develop. No sweat!

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