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COVID-19 Budget for SME

Budget Calculator Cashflow Creits

During this lockdown and uncertain period, many of you would have accessed the government support package and would have spoken to your bank regarding your finances.

One thing that both the Ministry of Social Development (for their audit) and your bank will need is a forecast of your profitability and cashflow.

Here's a simple profit and cashflow budget that you can use to provide to the banks to show them the effect of Covid-19 has on your business. This budget also takes into account the government support package (current to 23/03/2020).

This will also provide you with a good financial view of your business so as to plan ahead.

If you need any assistance, remember that OneTeam is here for you.

Together we are OneTeam.

Access and download the Budget here. (You can't edit online, you need to click on File and Save As).


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